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Building themes, plugins and applications in WordPress requires a variety of tools that help with development.

These tools help me with the nitty-gritty plugin and theme development process directly.

My Theme Check

The Theme Check plugin makes sure my mistakes are avoided by checking everything possible under the sun to verify my theme is following the latest recommendations and best practices.


Duplicator is a very handy tool that allows me to move or backup WordPress sites, pull production sites down to my local machine for testing and validation, as well as allowing me to develop locally and then push up to a production server for site releases/updates or just demoing a site.

Font Awesome

Font Awesome is an awesome library of pictograms that show common web-related actions. The entire stack can be downloaded for free as scalable vector icons and you can customize them to your liking via CSS.


I can’t recommend this app enough, I use it for most of my projects if I can. Sketch certainly has given the design industry a much-needed shake up after more than two decades of Adobe dominance and it’s no wonder why – it’s easy to use and feature-rich.


Underscores is a starter theme developed by Themeshaper in collaboration with a number of volunteer developers in the WordPress community. It comes without any additional features or styling, allowing you to focus on creating a unique product for each of my clients. The main foundation and template for every site is pre-built here, but adding custom functionality and styling is done by the developer.

Chrome Developer Tools

Most people nowadays use either Firefox or Chrome and luckily, they both come with built-in developer tools. Chrome Developer Tools can be accessed by right-clicking on a web page and selecting Inspect Element or by pressing CMD + Shift+ I (CTRL + Shift + I). It offers plenty of information useful for developers – from changing CSS to preview how a particular element would look in a different style, to debugging JavaScript and inspecting how your site behaves on different screen sizes.

Wrapping Up

I could go on and on, the number of tools in my arsenal is rapidly growing. From browser plugins and standalone IDEs to small design resources, the list above highlights some of the best tools available for WordPress developers.

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